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Below are links to some websites that we have found very useful and feel that they could be of help to others.


These two websites are very important and should be the first to go to if your dog is missing or stolen.



They both have very good records for returning lost dogs to their owners




Simpsons Premium dog food is grain free and suitable for boxers.




We recommend and feed this to both our own and our rescue dogs.



We have two of these cages in our own car to safely transport our rescue dogs.



They are made by Hamster Baskets and have these features:


• Made to Measure    • Safe Canine Travelling     • Can also be used as an indoor cage         


• Single or double with divider     • Single or double doors      • Plastic Coated          • Easily washable


• Will protect Car Upholstery and Trim       • Fold Flat for Storage and Transit          • All this and completely Rattle Free



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